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Take Action: support Prudence’s school, organize a screening

About King George VI

When Prudence was seven years old, she was send to King George VI, School & Centre for Children with Physical Disabilities (KG6), in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. It changed her life.

King George VI in BulawayoThis school provides rehabilitation and boarding facilities to children from age 3 to 18 with physical disabilities and hearing impairments. It is the only secondary education facility in Zimbabwe for children with disablities and the only primary school in the southern part of the country.

Through its school program, KGVI offers rigorous academic training leading to collegiate admission, and trade-oriented programs for those unprepared to pursue higher education. Physiotherapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy are also offered to every child by staff Rehabilitation Technicians with mentorship and assistance from international volunteers. KGVI operates 10 independent living housing where graduates live in a group setting with assistance from house parents.

Support King George VI in BulawayoGraduates of KGVI graduate with critical life and leadership skills; several have even become guardians of younger siblings when serious illness cut short the lives of parents. In a country where the average life expectancy is less than 40, more than1.2 million children have been left without one or both parents due to the Aids pandemic, as reported by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and UN Development Program (UNDP).

Currently KGVI is reliant on the generosity of donors from around the world who believe that every child should have the chance to live a full and productive life, in spite of physical or medical challenges.

Get Involved

Donate now! 100% of your gift benefits King George VI, School & Centre for Children with Physical Disabilities (KG6). Make checks payable to King George VI. Write “Pittsburgh Friends Meeting-KGVI” on the memo line. Please send donations to:

Scilla Wahrhaftig
7514 Kensington St
Pittsburgh PA 15221

Thank you!

Visit the KG6 Website


Host a screening!

If your school group, faith group, community center, youth group, library or other organization is interested, we invite you to set up a screening event of Music by Prudence.

organize a screening of Music by PrudenceTo help people organize their own screening event, we’ve set up a special website, with extensive, downloadable screening and outreach tools, like a Screening Guide which helps you organize your screening event by defining your goals, planning your program, promoting your screening, finding the right venue and equipment.  

We’ll also provide you with a Conversation Guide which helps you prepare for your introduction of the film, and with an informal discussion after your screening.

The outreach site has many other tools to help you get the news out about your event, such as the film info kit, an invitation template, posters in different sizes and resolutions, and a press release template. All files are easily downloaded and can be personalized by you.

Find all options and many super easy tools on the Music by Prudence Outreach Site.